Mulches are not only used to help enhance and beautify your landscape; mulches can help to retain moisture in the soil during dry seasons as well as protect plants and shrubs from frost damage.

Before applying any new product, existing mulch should be rough raked and loosened. In some cases, the existing mulch may need to be removed and replaced altogether. The total thickness of mulch is dependent on the texture of the mulch used. It should be noted that the total thickness (old and new) should not exceed 4 inches.

• Playground Chips – Kidsafe™

A natural, aesthetically pleasing, and cost effective alternative to synthetic playground surfacing. Some playground surface manufacturers use wood from pallets and other materials that can be contaminated with lead paint, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

Benefits include:

  • Specially processed for playground surfacing

  • Kidsafe is a 100% natural softwood product.

  • Up to 8 times less expensive than synthetic surfaces. Inexpensive to install and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Meets or exceeds the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission guidelines as tested ASTM1 292. Kidsafe also meets the ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility

• Pine Blend – Medium to Dark Brown

• Hemlock Colored – Reddish Brown

• Cinnamon Colored

• Black Mulch – Black

• Dark Mulch – All Wood Mulch – Medium to Dark Brown

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